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KGC stands for Kahnawake Gaming Commission

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KGC — Kahnawake Gaming Commission

  • HUD Heads-Up Display
  • A.E.C. Atomic Energy Commission
  • BB Big Blinds
  • ANO Apvienoto Nāciju Organizācija
  • BB Big Bets
  • B/C Bet / Call
  • ACF Aviation Club de France
  • A&P Advertising & Promotion
  • 4Q Four Queens
  • ADT Average Daily Theoretical
  • AAMS Amministrazione Autonoma Monopoli di Stato
  • ABAO All Bets Are Off
  • AAAF Association Aeronautique et Astronautique de France
  • ICM Independent Chip Model


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What does KGC stand for?

KGC stands for «Kahnawake Gaming Commission»

How to abbreviate Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

Kahnawake Gaming Commission can be abbreviated as KGC

What is KGC abbreviation?

One of the meanings of KGC is «Kahnawake Gaming Commission»

What is the abbreviation for Kahnawake Gaming Commission?

The abbreviation for Kahnawake Gaming Commission is KGC

What is the meaning of KGC abbreviation?

The meaning of KGC abbreviation is «Kahnawake Gaming Commission»

What does KGC mean?

KGC as abbreviation means «Kahnawake Gaming Commission»

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Kahnawake Gaming Commission: The Original American Casino Regulator

One of the biggest license judicators in the United States, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission lays the laws down for a few land-based casinos and are now providing their available services for online gameplay. With a strong ethical strategy for the consumer and enforcement for the organizations, Kahnawake Gaming Commission is one of the very best in the business.

Casinos licensed under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

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Here in our Kahnawake Gaming Commission review we touch on history, policy and top casinos

Kahnawake is a Mohawk Indian territory which is located inside Quebec on the shores of the St Lawrence River in Canada. A Native American reservation with a population of around 8000 inhabitants (and some others who reside off the reservation), Kahnawake is one of several territories that form what is known as the Mohawk Nation. The territory is steeped in old Native American tradition and the name ‘Kahnawake’ comes from the Mohawk language, its literal meaning being ‘place of the rapids’.

When online casinos started to become more popular at the end of the 1990’s, Kahnawake was one of the first gambling jurisdictions to realise the incoming trend and began to provide licenses for online gambling as well as the land based gambling establishments they already cover within Mohawk territory of Kahnawake. Currently they provide licenses for around 50 online gaming operators, covering some 250+ online gambling sites that include online casinos, online poker rooms and sports betting websites.

On the 10th of June 1996, Kahnawake established the ‘Kahnawake Gaming Commission’, its function is to fully regulate all aspects of online gambling in exactly the same way as other existing gambling jurisdictions. They are a regulatory body who by law are able to grant online gambling licenses. They also provide licenses for more traditional bricks and mortar gambling establishments like land based casinos.

In 1999 the Kahnawake Gaming Commission began issuing licenses and permits that regulate online gambling operators. These permits are known as ‘Client Provider Authorizations’ and are subject to an application fee of US$25,000 plus US$5,000 for what is known as a ‘Key Person License’. These application fees also include the first year’s general licensing fees and are refunded in full if the application proves to be unsuccessful.

A number of the policies of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission betonline procedures and regulation standards

Here, take a look at some of the policies in place that help those which join their approved sites, and how they affect bonuses, games and player safety and protection. For organizations, it touches on technologies and industry standards of fairness to customers through their operations.

  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission provide a lawful regulation platform and control interactive iGaming services.
  • Governs fair and honest gaming.
  • Crime prevention to looks out for fraudulent and criminal behaviour or actions.
  • Regulates operators to treat players fairly.
  • Regulates prompt payments to winners.
  • Supports strict guidelines for players’ privacy and that operators adhere to individuals’ protection when it comes to personal information.
  • Protection of persons under age and the vulnerable.
  • Supportive of iTech Labs, Ecogra and Gaming Associations.

Four key points summarizing the process of the Kahnawake gaming commission license when applied for

1. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission issues four distinct types of licenses under the Kahnawake jurisdiction. These are as follows: the ‘Interactive Gaming License’ (IGL) which is issued to a Kahnawake data center or Kahnawake hosting facilities that reside inside the territory; The ‘Client Provider Authorization (CPA)’ which is used to approve operators that wish to provide interactive gaming from hosting inside Kahnawake territory; the ‘Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization’ (IJA) which is issued to operators who already hold a gaming license from an established jurisdiction elsewhere; and lastly the ‘Key Persons License’ (KPL) that is issued to an individual who is part of the management team for an operator who already holds an existing Client Provider Authorization (CPA).

2. Pending organizations must record game logs that must be maintained with the game events collated into analytical statistics for trends pertaining to game performance. All formulating to the fair play policies.

3. Kahnawake Gaming Commission will consider applications for a CPA independently from the IGL, which is proposed independently from other Casino Software Provider Authorization already pending to the Interactive Gaming Licence.

4. As a way of making it easier for players to access online gambling establishments worldwide, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission also works in tandem with other gambling jurisdictions globally

You can directly join any of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission sites from our independent reviews

One of the 4 licenses issued by Kahnawake is the ‘Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization’. This license is issued to those who already hold a valid license in another regulated gambling jurisdiction. Currently, Kahnawake also has special co-operative agreements in place with the jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda plus also the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA).

Head to the list of sites above that meet the regulation standards of this license regulator and discover the reviews to learn more about each individual site.

Learn more about online gambling jurisdictions and their licensing authorities.

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